Wine Delivery

Discovered a great wine and want to enjoy it at home?

With the recent challenges put upon the business, our Pop-Up Wine Bar has gone into temporary hibernation, and as a result, we have teamed up with The Oxford Wine Company to bring Wine Discovery to your door instead.

We have hand-picked a selection of wines that include a few of the usual and a few hidden gems that will awaken your taste buds and lead you on a journey of discovery without you needing to leave the sofa.

Our range for delivery…

We welcome you to browse our range below and then get in contact to place your order. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch first and we can help you select a variety of bottles that will take your wine discovery journey to new destinations.

Fancy something specific but it’s not on the list? Get in touch and we’ll use our established grapevine to see if we can track down what you’re after.

Here are examples of our new Discovery Cases, we are happy to mix and match or source alternatives for you.